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Eric's Top Ten Fundraising Tips

It’s easier to keep a customer than find a new one. Steward your present donors and make them a priority in your fundraising campaign.

Acknowledge every gift quickly and multiple times, by different leaders. Fundraising is a team effort. Include what the benefits are of donating. Share their impact.

Communicate regularly throughout the year, to your present donors with content and photos to show impact of their gift.

Generally, your larger donors expect more personal attention than your smaller donors.

Keep in touch with everybody but let relationships decide who on your team solicits a potential donor.

When soliciting, potential donors need to know how much you are expecting, and the potential impact of the gift. Be willing to discuss an extended payment plan. If they choose to make a gift of any amount, show your gratitude. 

The donor may have contacts and friends who may be interested in your cause as well. Feel comfortable to ask your donor for help connecting you with them. Seek their counsel. 

Build a list of potential donors by accessing lists of supporters of causes aligned with your nonprofit, that are found in the public sphere.

Divide and conquer- Separate the potential list into community-level donors; general donors; and major donors. The financial categories associated with these divisions need to be determined. The marketing approach to each level will be different.

Don’t get discouraged. Fundraising is a very tough job. To the persistent will come the rewards.

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