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When Time Stands Still, At Work

Driving this morning to see a client in Tel Aviv, my drive had me descending from the hills of Jerusalem. Jews for thousands of years described the location of the holy city as “going up” as the city is nestled in the mountain range that defines north and south in the center of the country.

Although my quest today was a bit more pedestrian than the journey of holy pilgrims, while driving I considered that if I took my foot off the gas pedal, I could continue to travel at great speeds down the mountain. By doing nothing, I could just descend.

That is the situation for many of us who seem to be stuck in our careers. Yes, we may be comfortable and crave stability. What we don’t realize is, by doing nothing about nurturing our skills, energy, and by taking our foot off the proverbial pedal, we might stay stagnant when we have the potential to do more. Maybe we need to re energize the space we are in, or seek a new opportunity?

How do you know when it's time for a change? Maybe, it can be found in the moment you identify you are no longer growing, where you are.

Enjoying stability is a wonderful goal for your lifestyle, but in terms of your career, learning new skills or changing jobs could leave you more fulfilled. New energy could lead to positions of greater authority, impact, and possibly greater income.

What is holding you back? Yes, change is scary and includes risk. You have responsibilities for your family and close connections with many work friends. Still, you need to realize by being stuck in rut and not growing, you may be actually missing opportunities by not building new skills, making new connections, and keeping up with the rapidly changing environment of your working world.

Back to my drive from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. On my right after about 20 minutes, I passed the Ayalon valley, strikingly beautiful and serene, filled with farms and other agricultural activity. However, in this same location, over three thousand years ago, as described in the Book of Joshua Chapter 10, God stopped the sun in its place and gave extra time during the day for Joshua and his army of Israelites to defeat their Canaanite enemies.

God hasn’t done that for three thousand years. I am reminded that extra time is a rarity. Maybe the time is now to look into what you can do to enhance your career.

At Lankin Consulting, we mentor nonprofit professionals, and serve as a trail guide, as you explore the options that you create or are presented to you. Now is the time to improve your career.

We are excited about your future. Let’s talk.

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