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Seminars and Trainings

Designed training for your staff and board, in your office or at a conference.


Here are some suggested topics:

Being an engaged board member:

  • Welcoming new members properly

  • Helping board members understand their responsibilities

  • Improving board communications

  • Minimum gift, minimum participation?



Board members as fundraisers:

  • Tapping the connections of your Board Members

  • Board members as connectors, not solicitors

  • Stewarding donor relationships


Building relations with the community and referral sources:

  • Understanding the role of community leaders and your nonprofit

  • Participating in the community that you serve

  • Seek community partners


Using group dynamics to improve your meetings and communication


Accessing the foundation world through grant writing:

  • Writing grants and “spinning your wheels”?

  • Family foundations are often just a vehicle for family giving

  • Relationships as a key to securing grants


Preparing for the “ask”:

  • How much is too little?

  • How deep is the connection with the donor?

  • How do you determine how much you should ask?

  • What do you do when they say no to your suggested number?


Inspiring your team: how to nurture leadership in your staff:

  • How to be a good supervisor?

  • How to avoid micromanaging your team?

  • How do you respond to failure?

  • How do you respond to success?


Taking your volunteers seriously:

  • Identifying skills of your board and using them effectively


Measuring for success: showcasing your achievements and impact

  • Using the Kellogg Logic Model


Navigating the professional/board relationship

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